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The family history of one of the greatest men in my world, my dad,

Davie Preston Farley

From Raleigh County, West Virginia

Updated December 4, 2005  

... about me

Researching the infinite Farley and allied families from the Beckley area and beyond, Raleigh County, West Virginia

... Researching surnames:

Farley, Akers, Graham, Cuckler, Cole, Lilly, Little, Lester- and more than half the remaining population of Raleigh County, WV...

... My Farleys:

Francis, Gideon, William "Rebel Bill", John Henry, Josiah, Davie


My Concept of Family

My philosophy of family is that a family is a collective unit. One person cannot comprise a family—but many can. My hope for FarleyGen is that it become a collective effort, not my Farley web site, but our Farley web site. Though the rooms may be small, the FarleyGen house is big—we will always try to make room for more family pictures, bios, essays, and memories, and incorporate other family lines into the site as well. This site is the FarleyGen home, and you are welcome here.

So, grab a cup of coffee, prop your feet up and make yourself at home! But please note!! You have to clean your own rooms!

Just come on in through the barn!



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My motto: "God, guts and guns made America free--at any cost, keep all three!!!"

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