Josiah and Charity Elizabeth Cuckler Farley

Were Joined in Marriage 28, Oct. 1899

at Josiah's home in Abney, Raleigh County, West Virginia

Josiah Farley  Charity "Kate" Cuckler Farley
 Josiah and Charity, down on the farm  Josiah and Charity, at the old homestead


Children of Josiah & Charity

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Davie Preston Farley b. 10, March, 1926 Ghent, Raleigh Co., WV d. 03 Sept., 1979 Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Denvil Edgar Farley b. 08, July, 1915 Raleigh Co., WV d. 22 Dec., 1990 Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV
Lena May Farley b. 05, Feb., 1917 Raleigh Co., WV d. 07 Nov., 2001 Elkton, Cecil Co., MD
Pearl Josephine Farley b. 04 May, 1920 Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV d. 06 June, 1978 Williamsport/Lock Haven, PA
Gladys M. Farley b. 28 Dec., 1922 McDaniels, Raleigh Co., WV d. 25 June 1993 Elkton, Cecil Co., MD
Leslie Frank Farley b. 14 Oct., 1905 Raleigh Co., WV d. 26 Feb., 1968 Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV
Dora Essie Farley b. 08 Feb., 1908 Abney, Raleigh Co., WV d. 29 April, 1982 Sophia, Raleigh Co., WV
Ziskey Judson Farley b. 15 Feb., 1914 Princewick, Raleigh Co., WV d. 04 Jan., 1966 Beckley, Raleigh Co., WV
Eldia Carlile Farley b. 1910 Raleigh Co., WV d. 22, July, 1941 Raleigh Co., WV
Eddie Farley b. 1912 Raleigh Co., WV d. Unknown Unknown

  Josiah's Children of unknown birth and questionable maternity...:

(Was mother Charity Cuckler Farley or Eliza Cole Farley? Comments, additions and corrections welcome!)                     

Addie Farley

Lawrence Farley

Lurind Farley (Lurin...?)

Rae Farley

Laura Farley