The Farley Family Reunion

Held every year the Sunday before Labor Day Monday.

The first Samuel Wesley Farley Family Reunion was held at the home of Oliver Owen and Ethel Farley in Midway, Raleigh County, West Virginia, in 1954. As knowledge and appreciation of the reunion--and the Farley family itself--expanded, the reunion grew to include all the various branches of John Henry's offspring. Oliver and Ethel are still graciously sharing that home--50 years later.If you are a leaf from one of these Farley branches and would like more information regarding the reunion, or would like to be added to the Farley Reunion mailing list, please contact Don Farley at: gideondon1(REMOVE_THIS)

Below is the lovely country home that the late Oliver and Ethel have so generously shared with us for 50 years!

Can't make it to the reunion?! But would like to make a contribution to the family's cause?  Contributions to help defray costs and to support our family's reunion can be sent to:

The Farley Reunion

c/o Jack McVey

Box 204

Midway, WV  25878


Special thanks go out to our Farley Reunion President Don Farley, First Vice President Arnold Kidd, Second Vice President Michael P. Lipford, and Secretary Michelle McPherson Lester. A great deal of work and commitment go into the organization of this annual event, and FarleyGen graciously thanks our coordinators for their time and dedication to our family.