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To All of Our Armed Forces Serving America, thank you!

FarleyGen is proud to honor our Farley Soldiers!

Davie P. Farley, MP Major Michael J. Farley

Sgt. Timothy O. Farley

   This page is a dedication to all of America's soldiers, whether from day's long past, those who are in the formidable areas overseas risking their lives to protect ours today, or those from the future that destiny holds. My long-standing motto is: "God, guns and guts made America Free--at any cost, keep all three." America's military forces make my motto a reality.

God walks with each soldier,

Guns keep the enemy off their backs,

and Guts allow them to cross those battle lines

...to protect us and our freedoms.

Our Soldiers...the Real American idols....

God bless our servicemen

And God bless America!