A Walk Down Memory Lane

On the following pages are places our ancestors may have visited, sights they may have seen and memories they might have shared...alas, pictures are memories, and in sharing these, we hope to share parts of their lives. We will start in the

Raleigh County & Beckley Area

Raleigh County Bank and Court House

Main Street, Beckley

Main Street, Beckley, ca 1960s

Old Raleigh County Court House

Baptist Church, Beckley

Raleigh County Court House

Beckley Post Office, Beckley Beckley Hotel, Beckley

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Bldg, Beckley

Old Railroad Depot, Beckley

Pemberton, Raleigh County

Pemberton, Raleigh County, ca 1906

Fireco Mining Town, Raleigh County, ca 1921

Raleigh Court House, Beckley

Raleigh General Hospital

Pinecrest Sanitarium, Beckley